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Pressure Vessel Fitters

Job ID: 102
Located in Edmonton, Alberta
Sector: Manufacturing
Job type: Full-time


We are looking to hire Pressure Vessel Fitters.

The role of a Pressure Vessel Fitter is to fabricate pressure vessels consistent with our Fabrication Drawings, Welding Procedure Specification(WPS) and Quality Control Manual.

Job Responsibilities:

- To Layout and fit pressure vessels in accordance with out Fabrication procedures.
- To perform their duties in a manner that is in accordance with our safety program.

Job Duties:

- Read and Interpret Fabrication Drawings.
- Layout and fit pressure vessels (shells, heads , internal and external attachments)
- Layout and cut holes and install nozzles.
- Be able to tack weld using the Electric Arc welding process and equipment.
- Be able to use the oxy-fuel and plasma torches for cutting holes and metal parts.
- To follow all of our welding procedures.
- Work with Equipment such as grinders Iron workers, drills and band saws.
- Must possess a good knowledge of common materials used in the oil and gas industry.
- Must be able to care for/and maintain the tools and equipment.
- Inform supervisor or Q.C. Department of any problems which may arise. (Material, quality, print discrepancy etc.)
- Must be able to work according to our Welding Procedure Specifications, ASME Code and Clients' Specifications.


Experience & Education:

- Journeyman Ticket in Boilermaker, welder, Structural plate fitter or a Steamfitter/pipefitter.
- Experience in the fabrication of pressure vessels is an asset.

1. Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time
2. Education: Minimum of secondary school
3. Experience: At least 6 years of experience (around 9000 hours) as per AIT.
4. English skills: Moderate level of English required (suggested level IELTS 5+)
5. The average wage: TBA with the work schedule of 40-44 hours per week.
6. These positions are available in Edmonton and across Alberta


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