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Job ID: 299
Located in Edmonton , Alberta
Sector: Manufacturing
Job type: Full-time


We are looking to hire Painters.

The role of Painter is to perform surface preparation and cover fabricated components with the appropriate coating.

Job Responsibilities:

- Knowledge of procedures used in preparing surfaces for painting.
- Knowledge of methods, occupational hazards, and safety precautions involved in general painting work.
- Use and care of hand tools, power tools, and paint application equipment.
- Coordinate with staff and other trades for the purpose of completing projects and work orders efficiently.

Job Duties:

- Observe and learn.
- Assist other painters where needed.
- Make sure that proper materials are used for jobs.
- Paint according to spec; following correct preparation and application procedures.
- Work in a safe manner and observe all safety regulations, including wearing a mask, gloves, safety goggles and a hard hat.
- Clean working area and equipment to maintain safety standards.
- Report any unsafe conditions or concerns to Supervisors.
- Report anything that requires repair to Supervisors.


Experience & Education:

- Applicable experience and education an asset.

1. Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time
2. Education: Minimum of secondary school
3. Experience: At least 6 years of experience (around 9000 hours) as per AIT.
4. English skills: Moderate level of English required (suggested level IELTS 5+)
5. The average wage: TBA with the work schedule of 40-44 hours per week.
6. These positions are available in Edmonton and across Alberta


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