Our Services and Employer Benefits

If you are an employer that needs a permanent solution to a long-term skill shortage in your business, foreign skilled workers may be the answer.  There are both federal and provincial programs that facilitate the entry of skilled workers and their families to live and work in Canada.  Apex Connection Corp. has partnered with an immigration law offices, to facilitate the visa processing of foreign workers in the categories of Provincial Nominee, Federal Skilled Trades, Skilled Worker and Work Permit.


Should you choose to use our services you will benefit greatly by allowing us to fill your labor shortages. The following are the services that we offer:

  1. We process all Labor Market Impact Assessment  Applications if required;
  2. We manage all foreign worker applications and handle their step by step process to ensure accurate employee information is submitted to avoid approval delay;
  3. We handle all applications, passports, work permits for our employees through the Federal Immigration, Quebec Immigration and all Provincial Nominee Programs;
  4. We pre-screen potential workers to ensure successful placements;
  5. We examine the employee qualifications, education, experience and references;
  6. A complete background check through the Local Police station in their country of origin and place of residence is conducted;
  7. As a part of Immigration Regulations, employees undergo a medical examination conducted by a designated medical doctor assigned by the Canadian Immigration in their country;
  8. We provide all labor information foreign employees need to understand the employer requirements;
  9. We provide employee pre-departure information and expectation.

Our Recruits

Apex Connection Corp. offers a wide variety of staffing recruits in professions including: 

  • oil and gas
  • Transportation
  • chefs/cooks
  • it / web
  • farming
  • food service
  • health care 
  • engineering
  • hospitality
  • general labour
  • machine operator
  • trade
  • skilled labour
  • mining / geosciences technology                    

Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction; therefore when we screen a potential applicant we provide you with the best suitable match. Our personnel staff members are experienced and committed to providing you with quality, hands on service.  Utilizing Apex Connection Corp.as your staffing partner allows you to focus on your company’s growth and day-to-day business.

After discussing your needs, we search our extensive database to find the most perfect matches based on your job requirements. Our recruiters thoroughly screen each applicant through interviewing, administering assessment tests, and performing reference checks.   Then, we send you only the candidates, whose skills match your requirements, saving you the headache of reviewing stacks of resumes from unqualified applicants. We work with you throughout the interview and hiring process to answer any questions you may have.

How to place your company order

To begin recruiting the right candidates for you, we require the following information:

1) Job title
2) The job requirements
3) The number of persons required under each job title
4) Brief Duties to be performed by the worker, under each job title
5) Salary to be paid by your company
6) Any special benefits such as paid vacation, sick leave and medical insurance offered to the employee
7) The contact person who will be dealing with us and also dealing with Service Canada.

Simply fill out the form below and tell us about your requirements. You may also place your order by calling us directly at 416-477-6692.

Fees and Obligations for Foreign Permanent Placements:

(Offered for Oversea workers and/or or Permanent Canadian Residents relocating)

A standard placement fee is charged to you (the Employer) and we GUARENTEE our candidates’ skills and qualifications. The fee is structured differently for each Employer and based on each workers status type, and permanent residency application.

There are costs and obligations that Employer agrees to sustain that may include:

  • Demonstrating efforts to hire Canadian workers,
  • Offer foreign workers the prevailing wage rate for the occupation,
  • Offer workers medical coverage,
  • Arrange for Workers’ Compensation or comparable coverage for the worker at no cost to the worker,
  • Have a signed job offer/employment agreement with the worker.

Employment Request form